TLR Welding & Fabricating, Inc.

TLR Welding & Fabricating, Inc.

TLR Welding & Fabricating, Inc.TLR Welding & Fabricating, Inc.

Take your time, look around, and learn about our Water Transfer Equipment, Layflat Hose, Welding and Fabricating. 

Water Transfer Equipment and Layflat Hose

Hexa Reel with the TLR Direct Drive System used to deploy and retrieve layflat hose.

TLR Welding & Fabricating, Inc.

We manufacture all types of Water Transfer Equipment and supply Layflat hose.

 Trailers: Layflat Hose Trailers, Filter Pod Trailers, Pump Trailers, Manifold Trailers, Poly Pipe/Roll Out Trailers

Roadcrossings: Layover Roadcrossings, Low Pro Roadcrossings, Coffin Style Roadcrossings and Halfmoon Roadcrossings.

Drive Systems: Factory drive System, Raptor Wide Wheel System with Raptor Reel, Direct Drive System with Hexa Reel.

Services: Painting, Sandblasting, Welding, Aluminium Welding and various welding projects.



We have Multiple sizes for all of our products:

  • 6" LayFlat hose, 8" LayFlat hose, 10" LayFlat hose, 12" LayFlat hose, 14" LayFlat hose. 
  • Poly Pipe: Multiple sizes
  • Ductile Iron Vic Fittings
  • Standard Vic Clamps
  • Quick Vic Clamps
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Flow Meters
  • Suction Stingers
  • Candy Canes



TLR WELDING AND FABRICATING, INC. has you covered with all of your water transfer equipment

  • Filter Pod Trailers
  • Layflat Trailers
  • Pump Trailers
  • Poly Reel Trailers
  • Poly Rebanding Trailers
  • Poly Roll Out Trailers
  • Layover Roadcrossings
  • Low Pro Roadcrossings
  • Halfmoon Roadcrossings
  • Lazy Susans